Grupal Online editing classes 

Grupal online editing classes for professional and amateur photographers who wish to llearn to how to edit their photos in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Through a process of selection, prossesing and photographic manipulation, I will teach to give a greater impact to your work. We will see the importance of color, before, during and after the shot and how to understand it to get more harmonious images.

The correct use of editing techniques help us to achieve greater consistency in our work and identify our own

Step by step from revealed in lightroom to complete processing in photoshop.

Manual editing without use of actions.

You will learn portrait editing techniques such as skin softening, Dodge & burn, correction of blemishes.

I will also edit photos with more enviroment where I will emphasize the work of the background, the tone and the balance of light to make your photos have a greater impact and emotion.

You can interact with me to clarify doubts during class via chat

The class is done  in and will be recorded and delivered as study material.


2 hours


55 usd


13 of march at 9 am est time

Pay 55usd

Once you pay write an email to with your email adress to receive the link for your class